1509 Hunter Rd – Residential Structure Fire

On Thursday, shortly before 11:30pm.  Stations 224, 223, 222, 285, 227 were alerted for a residential structure fire.  221 Chief arrived on scene and confirmed a working fire in a detached garage and the main house.  227TK arrived on scene and units pulled two (2) attack lines.  227 Chief held all firefighting efforts to the exterior of the building.  Crews knocked down the bulk of the fire in the garage area.  223EN secured a water supply to 227TK.  224 Chief arrived on scene and assumed incident command.  222 laddered the building.  224, 223, 285 assisted with extinguishment.  No injuries were reported.  The Penn Hills Fire Marshal & the Allegheny County Fire Marshal are investigating the cause of the fire.

Command:  224 Chief (Robbins)
Units:  EN-223-1, EN-223-2, EN-227, TK-227, EN-224-1, SS-224, EN-222-1, RQ-222, EN-285-1, EN-285-2 PHPD, PHEMS, PHFM, ACFM

Hunter Hunter1 Hunter2