Busy Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, it was a busy day for all the volunteers all over Penn Hills. The North Bessemer VFD responded to a total of 6 calls throughout the day.

-Standby Detail While other Penn Hills companies were on a fatal structure fire

-Structure Fire – Joan Dr

-Residential Fire Alarm – Colonial Village Dr

-Structure Fire – Hershey Rd

-CO Alarm – No Illness – Cypress Hill

-Vehicle over a Hillside with Entrapment – Universal Rd

Thanks to all the volunteers who took time out of there Christmas day to respond to these calls.

Universal Universal1

381 Whittier Dr – Residential Structure Fire

On Tuesday night, Companies 227, 222, 223, 226 & RIT-196 were alerted for a possible basement fire, caller reporting the basement is starting to fill with smoke. EMS on scene, reporting smoking showing, all occupants out of the structure.  227 Asst arrived on scene, requesting first engine in to take the plug and lay in. EN-227 arrived on scene, laying 500′ feet of 5′ inch and crews pulling a 1 3/4 hand line. Interior crews reporting broken water pipe, water hitting the breaker box. Crews from 223 & 222 secured the power, and starting pulling siding to expose the fire. RIT-196 set-up in the front of the structure. Fire out, overhaul and ventilation complete, all units returned in service as they picked up.

Command: 227 Asst (JP)

Units: EN-223-1, SV-223, EN-227, SV-227, EN-222, SV-222, EN-226, ATK-226, RQ-196, PHPD, PH EMS, DUQ LIGHT, 516FM1


Whittier2 Whittier

2899 Old William Penn Hwy – Commercial Structure Fire

On Monday Night, Stations 227, 222, 223 & 226 were alerted for a possible commercial structure fire, caller reporting the gas station starting to fill with smoke. Chief 227 on scene reporting light smoke showing, requesting RIT-196 to the scene. TK-227 arrived on scene, crews pulling 1 3/4 hand line, starting to pull neon signs off the “A” side of the structure. EN-223 & 222 arrived on scene and assisted interior crews with pulling ceilings. The fire was contained to the outside paneling of the structure, ventilation complete, all units returned in service as they picked up.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: TK-227, EN-223-2, EN-222, EN-226, RQ-196, PHPD, PH EMS, 516FM1

Sunrise Sunrise1

1915 Leechburg Rd – Vehicle Into A Pole

On Tuesday afternoon, Rescue Companies 223, 222, 227 were alerted for a vehicle into a structure with unknown injuries.  EN-223-1 arrived on scene and found one vehicle into a pole.  All other units were cancelled.  The roadway was closed down for about 3 hours.

Command: 223 Asst (D.Zacchia)

Units: EN-223-1, SV-223, RQ-227, RQ-222, PHPD, PH EMS, Duq Light


6300-Blk Saltsburg Rd – MVA W/ Rollover

On Black Friday Morning, Rescue Companies 222, 223 & 227 were alerted for a two vehicle accident, one vehicle on its side. Police on scene, reporting negative entrapment, one fire department unit for containment detail. Station 223 canceled all other units, and handled the spill. Service 223 contained the spill, vehicles were removed by tow, all units returned in service as they cleaned up.

Command: 223 Chief (Capone)

Units: SV-223, Mini-223, St.227, St.222, PHPD, PH EMS, Don Kuhn Towing

Saltsburgh MVA

Peoples Natural Gas Training

On Thursday November 13th , Crews from Penn Hills and Verona fire departments traveled out to Peoples Natural Gas training center to learn about controlling natural gas fires. Firefighters took turns using extinguishers and extinguishing the different types of fires. Huge thank you to 224 chief Jason, and Peoples for holding this class for us!!

Class3 Class2Class1

125 Dalecrest Rd – Physical Rescue

On Tuesday, Rescue companies 222, 223, 227 were alerted for a male that fell 40′-50′ from a tree stand. The male was discovered about 1 mile into the woods over a hillside. A crew from 227 & PHEMS proceeded over the hillside. Once at the patient, he was safely immobilized and the long walk up the hill began. Crew from 227, 222, 223 took turns carrying the stokes basket up the hill. Once the patient was out of the woods, he was transported to the waiting medical helicopter and flown to a local trauma center.

Command:  227 Chief (Jeffcoat)
Units:  227RQ, 222RQ, 222SQ, 223EN1, 223EN2, 223SQ, PHEMS, MD951/952, PHPD, Life Flight


Dalecrest2 Dalecrest1

6408 Verona Rd – Residential Structure Fire

Early Thursday Morning, Stations 222, 224 & 285 were alerted for a residential structure fire in the 6400-Blk of Verona Rd. 222 Chief arrived on scene, fire showing from the “C” side of the structure, starting to catch exposures, requesting the 2nd alarm. EN-223 & TK-227 on the second alarm. EN-222 arrived on scene, crews stretching lines to the rear of the structure, while 285 secured the plug. TK-227 arrived on scene and laddered the structure and prepared for roof vent. EN-223 crew assisted with fire suppression and overhaul. Fire out, ventilation and overhaul complete, all units returned in service as they pick up. The Penn Hills Fire Marshall is investigating. No injuries were reported.

Command: 222 Chief (Sanford)

Units: EN-222-1, EN-222-2, EN-285, EN-224, EN-223-1, EN-223-2, TK-227, CH-227, PHPD, PH EMS, 516FM1

Verona Rd1 Verona Rd2 Verona Rd3 Verona Rd4 Verona Rd5

6560 Leechburg Rd – Beechtree Commons II – Commercial Structure Fire

On Wednesday evening, Stations 223, 226 & 227 were alerted for a possible commercial structure fire, caller reporting smoke on the first floor. EN-223-2 on scene, reporting light smoke evident, evacuation in progress. Command requesting in the next due engine, bringing 222 to the call. Crews from 223 and tk-227 located a burnt 3-phase elevator junction box on the first floor. Crews isolated the power to the elevator then all the power to the building. Rest of the crews and medics assisted in evacuating the building. The structure was ventilated, power was restored and the scene was turned over the Penn Hills Fire Marshall and Maintenance.  All units returned in service as they picked up.

Command: 223 Chief (Capone)

Units: EN-223-1, EN-223-2, SV-223, EN-226, TK-227, SV-227, EN-222-1, PHPD, PH EMS, 516 FM1


ARB @ Sandy Creek Rd – MVA W/ Injuries & Entrapment

Early Wednesday Morning, Rescue Companies 222 & 223 and Station 225 were  alerted for a motor vehicle accident, caller reporting one vehicle on its side, patient still inside. Police on scene reporting one still trapped. RQ-222 & EN-225 arrived on scene, crews started vehicle stabilization. EN-223-1 arrived on scene and assisted. Crews removed the front windshield to access the patient. The patient was removed safety from the vehicle and was handed over to EMS. Patient was transported to a local trauma center.  Crews returned in service as they picked up.

Command: 222 LT (Fitzhenry)

Units: EN-223-1, RQ-222, EN-225, PHPD, PH EMS, Medic 155