6408 Verona Rd – Residential Structure Fire

Early Thursday Morning, Stations 222, 224 & 285 were alerted for a residential structure fire in the 6400-Blk of Verona Rd. 222 Chief arrived on scene, fire showing from the “C” side of the structure, starting to catch exposures, requesting the 2nd alarm. EN-223 & TK-227 on the second alarm. EN-222 arrived on scene, crews stretching lines to the rear of the structure, while 285 secured the plug. TK-227 arrived on scene and laddered the structure and prepared for roof vent. EN-223 crew assisted with fire suppression and overhaul. Fire out, ventilation and overhaul complete, all units returned in service as they pick up. The Penn Hills Fire Marshall is investigating. No injuries were reported.

Command: 222 Chief (Sanford)

Units: EN-222-1, EN-222-2, EN-285, EN-224, EN-223-1, EN-223-2, TK-227, CH-227, PHPD, PH EMS, 516FM1

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