6600 Leechburg Rd – Commercial Structure Fire

On Saturday, June 8 @ 12:35, Stations 223,227 & 226 were alerted for a Commercial Structure Fire at 6600 Leechburg Rd, the old railroad building. CH-223 Arrived on scene, confirmed working fire, requesting Tankers 235 & 195 to the scene due to the remote location. EN-223-2 on scene, crewing pulling 1.5′ attack line and advancing into the fire. EN-227 arrived on scene, crews pulled a second hand line and assisted with fire suppression. Interior crews reported bulk of the fire contained, Command disregarding the tankers. Fire out, crews performed overhaul and hit the hot spots. Units remained on scene for 1 hour. The scene was turned over to the Allegheny County Fire Marshall, All units returned in service as they picked up. No injuries were reported.

Command: 223 Chief (Capone)

Units: EN-223-2, EN-223-1, SV-223, EN-227-1, Car-227, EN-226, PHPD, PH EMS, ACFM

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