8884 Westwood Rd – Residential Structure Fire

On Saturday Night, Stations 221, 222, 225, 227 & 223-RIT were alerted for a residential structure fire, caller reporting heavy smoke and fire visible. Police on scene reporting heavy smoke and fire showing. Command requesting SQ-221 to pick up the first plug, and TK-227 to pick up a second one. Defensive operations went into affect. Crews from 221 deployed multiple landlines, while TK-227 set up for aerial operations. EN-222 arrived and assisted with protecting the exposure of side bravo. RIT-223 arrived and set up in front of the structure. Crews worked for four (4) hours to extinguish the fire. Great job by all units on scene. Four (4) firefighters were transported to local hospitals for minor injuries, all were released and are okay. The Fire Marshall is investigating the cause.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin Sr.)

Units: SQ-221, EN-222, TK-225, EN-225, TK-227, EN-227, SQ-227, EN-223-1, EN-223-2, PHPD, PH EMS, ACFM

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