Male Over 30ft Embankment – Hunter Garden Court Apts

Shortly after 2:00am on Wednesday morning Rescue Companies from 223, 222, 227 were alerted for an elderly male that fell 30ft over a hillside as a result of a foot pursuit with PHPD.  223SV & 227RQ arrived on scene and crews started assessing the situation.  Ropes & Repelling gear was used from 227RQ and 223SV was used as an anchor point.  A Medic from 222RQ navigated down the hill and started patient care. A 35ft ladder was utilized from 223EN and acted as a ramp for rescue works to safely remove the injured prisoner.  Crew operated on scene for about an hour.  Patient care was transferred to PHEMS, the patient was transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Command: 223 Chief (Capone)

Units: SV-223, EN-223, RQ-227, RQ-222, PHPD, PH EMS